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Lost Wax Investment Metal Parts

Valve parts OEM service | Metal casting | Precision casting | PED CE

BUENO Group offers castings & machined OEM parts (Investment Casting, Lost Wax Casting, Precision Casting):

Material List

  • ASTM CF8
  • CK3MCuN - SMO254
  • CN7M - Alloy 20 Steel
  • CW12MW - Hastelloy C
  • CX2MW - Hastelloy C22
  • M35-1 - Monel 400
  • M35-2 - Monel 400
  • CD3MN - Duples 2205
  • CK20 - 310
  • CA15 - 410
  • CB7Cu-1 - 630
  • DIN 1.0619 / DIN 1.4308 / DIN 1.4408
  • Alloys, the highly modern precision technology of the lost-wax process are used by BUENO Technology as the following material:
    • Low alloyed steels
    • High alloyed steels (corrosion and heat resistant)
    • Tear resistant alloys
Casitng Foundary

Most steel components start as castings which is a process in which molten metal is poured into a customized mold and then solidified.

  • More design flexibility can be cast-to-shape, complex shapes for valve parts casting.
  • Alloys customized can meet clients' requirements at an affordable economic benefit due foundries can control the chemical metal composition. This can ensure valves are modified to meet exact specifications to enhance corrosion resistance.
  • Expendable mold casting.
  • Large components can be made in the one-piece cast as well as for alloy valve casting, Hastelloy steel casting, Hastelloy valve casting, duplex casting investment, and other valve castings.


Valve parts, machine parts, housings, pump and instrument parts, connecting pieces, and vehicle parts are applied for the following industries:

  • Machine construction
  • Metrology and control technology
  • Pump and instrument construction
  • Food industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Vacuum technology
  • Packing technology

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