• PFA Lined Tower Section For Chemical Tank
  • PFA Lined Parts / OEM Connection For Tank
  • PFA Nut and Screw / PFA Injection OEM
  • PFA Lined Disc of PFA Lined Butterfly Valve
  • PFA Injection Pall Ring / PFA Injection Rashing Ring
  • PFA OEM Parts / PFA Injection OEM Parts
  • PFA Fitting / PFA Injection OEM

PFA Lining | Injection OEM Service

PFA Transfer | PFA Injection

BUENO Technology accepts all kinds of PFA customized OEM products. As per customer's drawing or project piping construction requirements, we offer customized OEM PFA transfer molding, or PFA customized injection molding related products.

We have developed a PFA lining transfer system, enabling us to quickly and precisely lining components with high-quality PFA. This solution has also furthered our OEM capabilities for producing PFA lined products in a salable manner as following, 

  • PFA Disc of PFA Lined Butterfly Valve
  • PFA Lined Parts / OEM Connection For Tank
  • PFA Lined Tower Section, said  PFA tower packing For Chemical Tank
  • PFA Pall Ring and PFA Raschig Ring: Rather than using a solid-walled tube, the Pall ring resembles an open basket structure of thin bars. These form both a tube and also a radial structure of cross bars. BUENO's PFA Pall rings and PFA Raschig Ring are PFA injection moulded.
  • PFA Fitting, Nut and Screw for PFA Inject

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