• PTFE valve seats
  • PTFE cavity filled seats
  • PTFE Carbon-fiber material seta.jpg
  • PTFE insert seat
  • PTFE Expansion Joints bellow
  • PTFE gasket
  • PTFE o-ring
  • PTFE sleeve for plug valves
  • PTFE machined fitting threaded
  • PTFE machined 3way thread fittings
  • PTFE valve body
  • PTFE Hex teflon bolt
  • PTFE machined bolt sets
  • PTFE Hex nut head
  • PTFE Hexagon bolt and nut set
  • PTFE Sheet Bridge Pad for heat exchanger
  • PTFE back up rings
  • PTFE machined flange
  • Ptfe washer

PTFE Parts

Molding | Machining

As a Teflon washers manufacturer, Bueno Group provides various PTFE parts for ball valves, such as washers, gasket, machined parts, cavity filler seat, ball valve seats, convoluted hose, etc.

  • PTFE seats, inserts, and sealing parts for ball valves, threaded valves, flange ball valves, clean valves, etc.
  • Maximal outer dimension: 1300 mm.

Valve seats offer a tight seal when the valve closes. To endure the repetitive motion, the valve seat must be wear-resistant. The other function of the seat is to dampen the shock when the valve closes frequently. With the seat serving as the cushion, it mitigates the possible damage and prolongs the service life of the valve. Valve seats, washers, gaskets, etc. are an essential factor in the performance of the valve unit and fluid control systems yet their importance is often neglected. Bueno understands the importance of these components. We are a professional Manufacturer of Teflon® washers, Teflon® parts, and Teflon® gasket material.

What is PTFE?

PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene. It’s a chemical term for the polymer (C2F4)n. PTFE is one of the thermoplastics from the fluoropolymer family and has a low friction coefficient, excellent antistick properties, and excellent insulating properties. It is chemically inert and can withstand high heat, which allows the material for a wide range of applications. Click here to learn more! It is crucial to choose the sealing part with the right material for your valve unit. Bueno provides OEM custom services. The PTFE materials Bueno processes are listed as follows: 

Customized PTFE Composite Material

  • Virgin PTFE.
  • TFM1600 (modified PTFE).
  • Glass-filled PTFE:15% Glass-filled PTFE, 25% Glass-filled PTFE.
  • Carbon-filled PTFE.
  • Graphite filled PTFE (20% glass fiber + 5% graphite).
  • Stainless steel filled PTFE (50% S.S).
  • Molybdenum disulfide (MOS2) filled PTFE (15% glass fiber + 5% MOS2).
  • Bronze filled PTFE (55% Bronze + 5% MOS2).
  • PTFE with coal.
  • Polymide-filled PTFE.
  • Other materials are available upon request.

PTFE Parts

PTFE parts show high impact strength, wear resistance, durability, and low friction. They are also heat, moisture, chemical, and radiation-resistant. Industrial parts made of PTFE include:

PTFE Components
  • General industrial components.
  • Valve bodies, seats, seals, balls, pumps, and compressor parts in chemical-handling equipment.
  • Valve components, piston O-rings, backup O-rings, bearings, bushings, and gears.
  • Convoluted teflon (PTFE) hose.
  • Non-lubricated bearings.
  • Cavity filler seat and ball valve seat.
  • PTFE machined parts.
  • Electrical insulators.
  • Semiconductor equipment.
  • High-temperature electrical parts.
  • Pharmaceutical & biotech equipment.


  • Machinery construction: In parts subject to friction and susceptible to wear.
  • Electronics and electricity: In cable coverings and shielding elements.
  • Aeronautics: Protection plates for airplanes and rockets subjected to large thermal differences.
  • Food industry: Parts in contact with food.
  • Chemical industry: Parts and components that may come into contact with acids and corrosive substances, such as gaskets.

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