Vietnam Plant (Casting Foundry)

Vietnam Plant (Casting Foundry)  :

Main Product:

1. PTFE components
2. Castings & machined  OEM parts (Investment Casting, Lost Wax Casting Manufacturer, Precision Casting)
3. Valve balls
4. Fittings and valves casting manufacturer

5. Material list for casting as, 
-Austenitic stainless steel and duplex stainless steel castings
CF8, CF8M, CF3M, WCB, Alloy20, MONEL HASTELLOY-C, Duplex, Alloy 6, Custom alloy casting, DIN 1.0619, DIN 1.4308, DIN 1.4408, S45C and etc.
6. Metal Casting Capacity: 80 ton per month
7. The max. weight of product we can pour is about 45-50 kgs/pc.
8. PT,MT,RT test are available at request.

Manufacturing Procedure
Wax injection
1. Wax injection
Wax patten inspection
2. Wax pattern inspection
Ceramic shell mold
3. Ceramic shell mold
4. Drying
Material analysis
5. Material analysis
Casting Pouring
6. Casting Pouring
Shell mold breaking
7. Shell mold breaking
Heat treatment
8. Heat treatment
Impact test
9. Impact test
3D measurements
10. 3D measurements